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The future of the internet is being defined now.  Fireflare Games is at the forefront of this exciting evolution.  We are making the metaverse a safe and secure place where people are able to share and interact.  We are working to create the framework that will be the metaverse.

Defining the Future of the Metaverse

FireFlare Games is working tirelessly to set the gold standard in the metaverse.  Redefining our approach towards social VR, mental health treatment, real-world purchases, and education. 

Personalized Avatars

Upload a picture to create an avatar that looks just like you.  Choose your clothes and accessories and personalize your own vibe.

Elite Virtual Reality Experiences 

We are reimagining the way that people exist on the internet through fully immersive environments that test the bounds of reality.  Fireflare Games continues to define the emerging metaverse by creating elite experiences.

Personal Data Security

Next-generation security shadowing technology powered by Hypersphere.  Keeping your personal data safe and secure.

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the Future of the

Timing is Everything

If you share our belief that the Metaverse is the future of the internet, then we invite you to begin creating that future. Choose from a variety of Metaverse projects to invest or work with us to blaze a new trail in creating your vision.

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Our Partners

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Current Project

Disrupt the $300B Dating Industry


Planet Theta is a place to meet new people in the Metaverse and create lasting relationships. Meet and match with the people you choose. If you like them, you can choose to go on a virtual date with them. Take a walk through an enchanted forest, go grab a table at a bar, or take in a movie at our ritestream theater. These VR dating experiences are an opportunity for you to explore each other’s personalities and passions. We are putting human connection at the forefront of dating again.